Planning & Zoning

Growth and development in Swarthmore Borough is controlled primarily through land use controls contained in our Zoning Code and Subdivision Code.

Planning & Zoning Code

Zoning Map
                   Zoning Map

Subdivision and/or Land Development


Zoning Hearing Board

The Swarthmore Borough Zoning Hearing Board- a semi-independent, quasi-judicial body - hears challenges and appeals to the Borough's zoning code and requests for variances from and exceptions to our requirements.

   When Does a Resident Need to Go Before the Zoning Hearing Board?

  • Applying for a variance - All building permit applications are reviewed by the Borough's Zoning Officer. If the proposed project does not meet the requirements of the Borough Zoning Code, the applicant will be referred to the Zoning Hearing Board to apply for a variance. The most common requests for variances are when a proposed addition exceeds allowable lot coverage or sits too close to the property line.
  • Applying for a special exception - A special exception is a use permitted within a zoning district, but subject to certain specific conditions.