Sidewalk Regulations

Pedestrian accessibility is top priority in Swarthmore.  Please be advised of the following regulations related to sidewalks and pedestrian safety.


Sidewalks must be cleared (minimum 30" pathway) of snow and ice within 24 hours after the snow has stopped falling.

Violation notices, with applicable fines, will be issued for uncleared sidewalks in accordance with Borough regulations.  If you plan to be away during the winter months, be sure to make arrangements to have your sidewalk shoveled and/or car removed from the street in case it snows while you are away.  Be sure, too, to remember your elderly or disabled neighbors and help them out during the sometimes wearisome months of winter.

The fine for failure to remove snow and ice as required by Borough regulations is $75 for the first violation and $150 for each subsequent violation in the same calendar year.


Homeowners are responsible for maintaining their sidewalks and curbs in a safe condition. 

Sidewalks must be even and free of any misalignment measuring 1/2" or more.  "Ramping" between misaligned slabs is permitted only if the height from the bottom to the top of the ramp does not exceed 1".  Ramp slope must meet ADA specifications.

Sidewalk slabs that are broken, dished, missing, severely cracked or disintegrated must be replaced.  Patching will be permitted only if repairs are minor and in no case may be used on slate.  Sidewalks that have become excessively slippery shall be replaced.  Slate is generally not permitted as a new or replacement sidewalk material.

The Borough Code Enforcement Officer inspects all sidewalks annually.  A notice is issued if the sidewalk is found to be in violation of Borough regulations.  The fine for failure to repair sidewalks as required is $50 for the first notice and $150 for each subsequent notice.  Cases will be referred to District Court if the sidewalk is not repaired as required.